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Advisory: Modes of Settlement

We would like to remind our investors that Philequity Management, Inc. (PEMI) will only accept official modes of settlement for investing in the PEMI mutual funds.

Only the following modes of settlement will be accepted:
- Bank cash deposit
- Bank check deposit
- Check or post date check
- Interbank fund transfer (including online or mobile)
- Bank to Bank fund transfer (we recommend using InstaPay and crediting to Philequity's BDO account)
- Auto Debit Arrangement with BDO or BPI

Other forms of payment such as GCash, Paymaya, PayPal, etc. shall not be accepted.

If making a fund transfer from another bank (other than BDO, EWBC, RCBC or UBP), we recommend using InstaPay for credit to Philequity’s BDO account and to provide your Bank Name and Bank Account Number in the Investment Application Form.

Further, PEMI would like to notify the investing public of our settlement banks. Investor should only make payments with PEMI's settlement banks with BDO, BPI (for Auto Debit Arrangement), East West Bank, RCBC, or Union Bank. A complete list of our settlement bank accounts can be found below:

Philequity Alpha One Fund, Inc.

BDO* 01-186-8002-161
Eastwest 2000-252-597-09
RCBC 759-0578-771
UnionBank 002-06004-888-1

Philequity Dividend Yield Fund, Inc.
BDO* 01-186-8001-998
Eastwest 2000-036-471-52
RCBC 759-0083-385
UnionBank 002-06002-626-5

Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc.
BDO* 11-186-0008-168
UnionBank 006-10-1-01130-5

Philequity Fund, Inc.
BDO* 01-186-8002-099
Eastwest 2000-016-182-28
RCBC 758-9707-081
UnionBank 006-03-0-00010-1

Philequity MSCI Philippines Index Fund, Inc.
BDO* 01-186-8001-610
Eastwest 2000-127-483-95
RCBC 75-9051-7050
UnionBank 002-06004-887-0

Philequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc.
BDO* 01-186-8002-110
Eastwest 2000-016-182-87
RCBC 758-9707-073
UnionBank 006-03-0-01080-8

Philequity PSE Index Fund, Inc.
BDO* 01-186-8002-080
Eastwest 2000-016-039-13
RCBC 758-9707-111
UnionBank 006-03-0-01019-0

*Requires a deposit reference code. Kindly click here for detailed instructions.