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NEW FUND ALERT: Philequity Alpha One Fund

We are pleased to introduce our newest mutual fund, the Philequity Alpha One Fund. Instead of copying the index, Alpha One will be composed of Philequity`s best stock picks. By having a more concentrated and actively traded portfolio, the Alpha One Fund intends to generate significant outperformance over its benchmark. It is designed for investors who are willing to take on more risk in exchange for higher return. Below are the pertinent information of the Fund:

Fund Type Unitized Equity Fund
Fund Objective To generate capital growth by investing in Philippine Stock Exchange listed securities that have strong potentials for growth
How does it differentiate from other equity funds? The Fund intends to have a concentrated portfolio, thereby allowing it to generate significant outperformance over the PSEi
Risk Rating High / Aggressive
Benchmark Philippine Stock Exchange Index
Minimum Initial Investment PhP 1,000.00
Minimum Additional Investment PhP 500.00
Minimum Holding Period 90 days
Exit Fee(if redeemed before holding period) 1%
Management Fee 1.50% p.a.

To learn more about the fund, visit its page here